When is the Right Time to get a Small Business Loan?

Small Business Loan

Funding a small business often requires taking out loans for small business. While loans for small business are readily available through a wide range of potential lenders, determining the right timing to take out any loan is a vital step in the process. Inappropriate timing can result in higher costs and more complications than ensuring the best timing for the loan.

Market Rates:
The small business loan rate is an important factor in selecting the appropriate timing for the loan. Loans for small business are least costly when working with a reasonably low market rate for loans.

The small business loan rate is widely variable based on market conditions. During times of lower than average rates, the application is more likely to have reasonable costs than times that have average or higher than average rates.
Ideally, a search of current market conditions should first determine the average rates for the particular type of small business loan and then get a quote to determine if the market rate is currently lower or higher than average.

Company Ability to Pay:
Another factor in timing is the company’s ability to repay the loan. A new business might not be eligible for many loans because it is not yet able to repay the amount of the loan. If the profit margins are likely to end up less than the cost of monthly payments to the lender, it is not an appropriate time to seek a loan. Instead, seeking other forms of financing like investors or a personal loan secured with assets like a house might be a better option.

Time of the Month:
The best timing for any loan is at the beginning of the month. During this time, banks and other lenders are working on obtaining new loan accounts, resulting in better deals. The end of the month is when they start pushing through loans as quickly as possible, resulting in less time spent on the loan and fewer good deals for the consumer.

The appropriate timing for any loan a business takes out is variable. It ultimately comes down to the options available to the company and the need of the business for funding. Keeping in mind that timing can make a difference helps minimize the cost, but is only one aspect of the loan.

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