What You Can Do with a Business Line of Credit

Business Line of Credit

Every business needs access to capital. All it takes is a few clients to forget to pay their invoices on time, or a major unexpected expense, to freeze up cash flow and make it difficult to pay employees and overhead costs. A business line of credit can be the answer for a small business that is having cash flow problems, and it can also be an asset for future expansion needs.

Business lines of credit work like credit cards, in that you can use the money in your credit line as you wish, and you can repay it all at once or in payments over time. However, unlike business credit cards, small business lines of credit often have lower interest rates or higher credit lines, which allows for greater versatility in spending. You can use the money to make payroll, pay overdue taxes, send your employees to a business conference, pay holiday bonuses, purchase new equipment or make unexpected repairs.

Applying for a Business Line of Credit

Banks and lenders like giving business lines of credit to small business owners that appear responsible and not in immediate need of funding. Desperation never looks good on an application, so do not wait until you have an emergency cash flow problem to apply for a line of credit. Instead, get a line of credit while finances are good and before you plan to expand. That way, when the time comes to use the money, you can do so quickly and easily without going through a lengthy application and approval process.

Once you are approved, you do not have to provide information about your intentions for the money you borrow, nor do you have to ask for permission to make a withdrawal from your credit line. Furthermore, the interest you pay on the money you borrow is fully tax deductible, so long as you only use the money for business purposes.

To apply for funding for your small business, use the form on the right to begin the application process.

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