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Unsecured Business Loan

Securing the funds you need to help your business grow can be tricky in today’s economy. Many of the more traditional lending sources are less likely to give small or new businesses the loans they need the most. Our unsecured business loans ensure your cash flow remains constant. Remodeling your retail location, purchasing new equipment or increasing your payroll is easy with help from UnsecuredBizLoan. The lending format we offer has three distinct benefits for business owners.

1. No Collateral
Collateral is used in most forms of business lending to ensure the lender can collect if the business can’t pay back the loan. However, most small businesses lack enough collateral to get a $100,000 or greater loan. We can help you get the financing you need even if you have very little or no collateral to offer. These loans are also easier to discharge in case the business goes bankrupt, and won’t end with your property or assets being seized. This adds a layer of security for the borrower.

2. Fast Response
Borrowing from a lender that only offers secured loans can lead to a month-long process of paperwork and considerations. We make decisions quickly on each loan application we receive. There’s no need to spend weeks waiting just to receive a request for more information on your business or financial records. Supply us with accurate information upfront and you could receive your loan in time for an emergency purchase. Imagine being able to move your location or expand your shipping capabilities without having to jump through all the hoops associated with secured business loans. Unsecured business loans make the entire lending process easier and faster.

3. No Business Plan
Secured loans also require a business plan. The lending officer will review your business or new idea and determine if it is feasible. Our loans are processed based on much less information. We can extend lending to new business owners who don’t have time to prepare a complete plan and present it. This makes an unsecured business loan the best way to buy an existing business on short notice.

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