Understanding the Small Business Cash Advance

Business Cash Advance

If you are running a small business, there will be times when you need cash fast. Hopefully, you’ve been able to plan for such an eventuality. You might have cash on hand, or, at the very least, a low-interest line of credit to cover such expenses. However, if you don’t have these available, one of your options is to get a small business cash advance. We’ll discuss how those work and why to get them, in today’s article.

A small business cash advance is simply a loan that you obtain and repay quickly. Typically, you can borrow only up to one month’s worth of revenue at a time, so these loans aren’t particularly large.

Essentially, specialty lenders provide these. They offset the risk of giving out funds quickly, with little in the way of income verification or credit history, by charging much higher interest.

Many states have deemed these to be a form of predatory lending, and so they have banned them. Whether or not you agree with this assessment, their proper use remains the same. If you have an emergency that will be more costly than borrowing using a small business cash advance, then you should use this option to deal with it.

Go with this as long as you have a clear plan to pay back the amount in full and on time. It is critically important that you not let one advance roll into another. This will get you trapped in a pattern of always paying minimum payments and interest instead of the principle.

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