Understanding an SBA


It is a well-known fact to those involved in the world of running small businesses, that there will be times in which funding is needed to help their company be able to reach its fullest potential. Whether you are in the beginning stages of starting up, or you are in the position of wanting to expand your already established business, you will need financial means in order for this to happen. Some people will have money saved up that they will put into their endeavor, but for most people, money is not readily available. When this is the case, it means that you will have to look to outside lending sources for the financial backing that you need for your business endeavor. There are a variety of different kinds of loans, and lending institutions out there. One of the common ones relating to business, is called a SBA loan.

A SBA loan is made available through a government run agency called the SBA, which stands for Small Business Administration. This institution was first established in 1953 at the federal level. One of the main goals of this agency is to aid in the growth and success of small businesses. It accomplishes this by providing programs and financing options to those that are in the position of running small companies. Although the administration does not directly lend the funds, it is able to guarantee loans for you through private sector lenders and some financial institutions, such as banks.

The funding that is provided is intended to be used on purchasing items that are conducive to the expansion and ultimately profitability of your company. This may come in the form of buying more equipment, machinery, and land, or hiring on new employees. If you are in the early stages of creating your company, you will find that traditional lenders will be more weary on loaning to you, since you are a credit risk. Those in this situation find that they have more luck getting financing from venture capitalists and angel investors.

So in short the type of funding which you seek will depend largely on your personal circumstances. If you do not have well established credit for your company you may be better off looking through venture capitalists. If on the other hand you have established company which is profitable you will probably be better served by a using services such as the small business administration’s loan program.

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