The Small Business Administration (SBA) Offers Research Grants to Small Businesses


Many small businesses qualify for Small Business Administration (SBA) scientific research and development (R&D) or technology program loans. These companies often are able to focus on an area of research that is of particular interest to the federal government. As long as the small company meets federal R&D objectives and their innovations have a high potential for commercialization, they may be able to obtain SBA research grants to their small business.

UnsecuredBizLoan is very familiar with SBA programs and ready to help small businesses make proper application to win grant money for R&D. Two programs are available from the Small Business Administration: Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR).

SBIR is an opportunity for small businesses to develop high-tech innovative technological efforts that could also result in commercial profit. This program benefits the United States by contributing to its specific research and development goals while boosting the entrepreneurial spirit that small companies need for growth and success. Because R&D is so expensive, this program enables small businesses to compete with larger businesses. This program is important for development of small businesses that are in a start-up stage.

STTR is another important funding program that brings to certain small businesses funding for innovation research and development projects. The goal of this program is to encourage and nurture innovation that is needed in coming years in the areas of scientific development and technology advancement. Under STTR, federal R&D funds are awarded to partners, including small businesses and nonprofit research institutions. This program benefits the U.S. economy by helping to move research and innovation out of the laboratories and into commercialization.

Both SBA research grant programs have specific requirements. UnsecuredBizLoan offers help with application for SBA loans.. Obtain federal funding quickly to secure the financial assistance needed to grow or expand your research business into commercial success with options available through the Small Business Administration. They were created to help small business owners grow, learn and prosper. Offering federal grants for research, innovation and technological development is just one of many important areas where the SBA can help small businesses.

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