The SBA States that items “Made in America” is helping to Boost our Economy


Recently, Karen Gordon Mills, administrator of the SBA (Small Business Administration) issued an article on the SBA website declaring that items that bear a “Made in America” tag are actually helping to boost our economy. When American consumers buy clothing or other items that are “Made in America”, they are essentially creating manufacturing and other jobs on our own shores, and thus, these purchases are helping to boost our economy.

In 2010, President Obama signed the Small Business Jobs Act into effect. One of the most important parts of this piece of legislation is that it increased the maximum loan amount available through the SBA from $2 million to $5 million. Thanks to this increase, approximately 2,500 small businesses were lent more money than they would have been lent prior to the signing of that piece of legislation. Of that group of businesses, close to 450 of them were manufacturing companies. Using a combined total of more than $10 billion, these companies were able to purchase new equipment, more advertising, and build new offices. Even more importantly, they were able to hire new staff members.

In fact since the signing of the Small Businesses Jobs Act in 2010, there has been an influx of more than 400,000 new manufacturing jobs according to data that has been collected from the Labor Department. These manufacturing jobs lead to a variety of different types of products that all share one common feature: they all bear the “Made in America” label.

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