The SBA Provides Support for Entrepreneurs through Mentoring


The Small Business Administration offers a vast array of services to help support small business owners and entrepreneurs. Along with the connections to loan programs, operations support and counseling, the SBA also provides mentoring for new business owners.

When you start a new business or you want to grow your small business, the steps can be overwhelming. As you get lost in piles of paperwork and marketing plans, having someone experienced that you can turn to may save you hours of frustration and confusion. The mentors from the Small Business Administration offer training and consulting to business owners to help encourage growth.

The organization reports that they have over 14,000 mentors ready to reach out and help new entrepreneurs with their various business struggles. The best way for a new business owner to work through the challenges that come with starting a business is to work directly with someone who has been there.

Creating business plans, learning how to budget and determining your target market are all essential to a company’s success. They are also tasks that can be difficult to complete without some experience and education. A mentor from the Small Business Administration can help you determine the direction you want for your business, build the marketing plan that can help you get there and manage your books to keep the financial side of the business in order.

As you begin working with a mentor to build your small business, be receptive to the information that you receive. Your SBA mentor has been in your shoes and is offering mentoring services now to share expertise and advice to help you succeed.

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