The SBA is Empowering America’s Job Creators


The SBA empowers America’s job creators through education and finance in an effort to keep small businesses competitive and thriving in America. In short, the goal of the Small Business Administration is to empower, support and equip small business owners and entrepreneurs across the country. Since its establishment in the 1950s, the SBA has developed multiple programs designed to assist minority business owners and business owners that are operating at a disadvantage to other business owners.

Resource Centers
The Small Business Administration helps small businesses by operating offices and resource centers in every state across the U.S. Those centers help support other business education centers, as well as offer counseling services to existing business owners and individuals considering a start-up. The SBA occasionally offers seminars, as well as free online information about good business practices, finding new clients, managing money, expanding, marketing and more.

SBA Loans
The SBA loan programs are the most familiar among business owners, because the SBA works to help business owners who otherwise would not qualify for a loan through a traditional lender with strict lending qualifications. For example, many start-ups get part of their funding through SBA-backed loans. Although the loans do not come directly from the Small Business Administration, they are backed by the federal government, which encourages lenders to loan to individuals that would otherwise seem too risky.

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