The SBA at the Urban Economic Forum in Birmingham, AL


The Urban Economic Forum is an event promoted by the Small Business Administration. Forums are held all over the country, and one was recently held in Birmingham, Alabama. Economic forums are designed to provide direct communication between top ranking government business officials and community students, business owners and leaders.

Many attendees find that the events are excellent ways of networking with other businesses and influential community members to advance their businesses and goals.

The Small Business Administration’s purpose and function is to support small businesses — especially those that operate at a disadvantage to other businesses, or that are run by minority or female business owners. The Urban Economic Forum is in-step with SBA’s goals, in that it specifically addresses the needs of urban businesses. The Birmingham Urban Economic Forum included discussions, workshops and one-on-one conversations between mentors and business owners. Some of the topics included starting and funding a small business, as well as sustaining the right environment for urban entrepreneurship.

Because space at the Urban Economic Forums is limited, the White House streamed the conversations live, updated conversational topics via Twitter, and they are also continuing to host additional forums in other cities across the country. Panelists vary from Forum to Forum, but in Birmingham, the Small Business Administration chose Marie Johns, the SBA Deputy Administrator, to help provide business owners and future entrepreneurs with the skills and information needed to start and operate a small urban business.

About the SBA
The Small Business Administration is a government organization that helps small businesses start up and remain in business. Services of the SBA include counseling and government-backing of business loans for qualified business owners. Here at UnsecuredBizLoan, we help match business owners with SBA lenders to increase the chances of getting approval for a small business loan.

To apply for funding for your small business, use the form on the right to begin the application process.

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