The Many Functions of the Small Business Administration

Small Business Administration

Many people associate the Small Business Administration with SBA-backed small business loans, but the benefits for small business owners do not stop there. The SBA has a history of small business advocacy and ombudsman services to provide a voice for small business owners. Along with the advocacy services, the administration offers a wealth of resources and support to help small businesses succeed.

New business owners can turn to the organization for training and counseling on small business operations. These training programs can help ensure success with a foundation from an organization that has focused on small businesses for decades. The organization participates in many Federal Government programs to empower and develop small businesses and entrepreneurs. The organization offers a single point of contact for a variety of development programs.
When it comes to preparing for natural disasters or recovering from an emergency, the Small Business Administration can help. The agency offers emergency preparedness programs to help build a foundation for entrepreneurs before disaster strikes. If a natural disaster occurs, turn to the Administration for support and funding to help your business recover.

The relationship between the Small Business Administration and the United States Government provides a unique opportunity for special programs and contract proposals. The SBA offers a method to connect small business owners with government contract opportunities. Along with these contract opportunities, the organization offers a financial guarantee for small business loans from commercial lenders. A small business is more likely to receive a loan from a commercial institution with the loan guarantee.

Finally, one of the most common services provided by the Small Business Administration is support for entrepreneurs within specific communities. The SBA connects minorities, women, veterans and Native Americans with similar small business owners who may be experiencing some of the same struggles and successes.

Turn to the Small Business Administration in any stage of small business development. The SBA can offer support, training and advice from the concept stage through licensing and daily operations.

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