The Many Functions of a Business Credit Card

Business Credit Card

A business credit card can serve many purposes, and in today’s fickle economy, is almost a necessity. If you do not have a credit card for your small business, there are several reasons why you may want to consider getting one soon. Forget what you’ve heard about avoiding business debt and overloading your finances. So long as you are responsible in your spending habits, a business credit card could actually improve the way you do business.

Emergency Expenses – Despite your best efforts to save and plan for the future, from time to time, unexpected expenses may arise that your business cannot afford to pay for immediately. Instead of letting a vehicle go unrepaired or a major piece of equipment go unreplaced, keep your business functioning as normal by paying for the costs with a business credit card, which you can in turn pay off over a few weeks or months, rather than all at once.

Establishing Credit History – If you plan to expand your business in the future or want to apply for a business line of credit at a local bank, you will need an established credit history. Business credit cards can help you build your credit rating, which could make it easier to secure funding for an expansion or remodel in the future.

Perks Programs – So long as you do not carry a revolving balance from month to month, the perks programs that business credit cards offer can actually save you money, rather than cost you money. Credit card perks come in many forms, including travel rewards, fuel discounts and cash-back on purchases.

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