The Ideal Business Credit Card

Business Credit Card

Often, people want to know what to look for in a business credit card. So we will be outlining the ideal card for most people, in today’s article. There may be some benefits or features that you prefer over these, but these should work for the majority of readers.

Fees: The ideal business credit card has little or no annual fee. Since you won’t be carrying a balance on the card, you won’t have to worry much about interest. Thus, having no fee is critical.

Interest Rate: If you aren’t going for a charge card, having a card with low-interest is the next best thing. Don’t worry about introductory rates; these aren’t personal cards that you shuffle money around on. You want a solid card with a low interest rate. Basically, you want a “set it and forget it” card.

Tracking: This is very important in a business credit card. You’ll want to be able to track all of your purchases online, in detail. Also, you should be able to export at least 6 months worth of back statements to Excel, or some other accounting software, from your online interface.

Rewards: This is where many people get a bit confused. First, before you default to cash back (usually the best reward), you should see if there are any cards that offer special rewards or discounts in your industry. If not, you should look for a business credit card that offers either cash back or that offers a double points frequent flyer program.

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