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SBA LoansYou may have a great idea for a startup business but lack the funding to get started. Perhaps you have an existing business, which you would like to expand or update? A modest loan may be the start you need to realize your business goals. Luckily for you the Federal Government can guarantee up to 80% of the funding for your business with an SBA loan. This can enable you to get an unsecured loan. The maximum you can borrow is $35,000 for an existing business and $25,000 for a new business, but this should be sufficient for most of your initial business development needs.

We at have contacts with lenders who are happy to work with the Small Business Administration in helping you create the business of your dreams. We can help you get your SBA loan.

SBA loans for new businesses and the expansion of existing businesses are available. When you work with together with the SBA, you will also get all the support you need for business development. Information on starting a business, finding a business mentor and guidance in writing a business plan are all at your fingertips.

Other things you can learn are how to organize your business finances and understand business law and regulations. Marketing is so important to almost all business, and the SBA can give you important information you need to help you in your business venture.

We know that it takes a significant investment to start a new business or to acquire the capital necessary to enhance an existing business. Besides an initial investment, you will also need funds to keep your business afloat. Even the most successful business innovations don’t create money overnight. The process takes some time and during that time the business must continue to function. Operating capital must include employee wages, rent and supplies for running the business. Many business coaches advise business owners to have at least 6 months of operating expense funding on hand. This is why SBA loans can help you.

Our expert staff knows how to help you get the funding you need to make your business dreams a reality. We will help you get the SBA loan you need.

To apply for funding for your small business, use the form on the right to begin the application process.

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