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Business Credit Card

A business credit card offers one of the most convenient lines of credit for your company. Business credit cards are great for buying clients dinner, paying for break room supplies, covering the cost of repair services and taking care of other relatively small expenses. Just like with a personal card, all you have to do to buy something is show your card and sign the receipt.

Using a business credit card isn’t just convenient. It’s a safer way to pay. You don’t have to carry around cash that could invite a robbery or send checks through the mail where they could get lost. When you buy online, reputable companies will use secure servers to keep your information safe. With most business credit cards, you’ll also have access to buyer protection plans and other safeguards that aren’t available with cash or checks.

Your corporate credit rating isn’t necessarily a barrier to getting a business credit card. Many lenders will deal with companies whose credit is less than stellar. Another option is to use your personal credit to back your business credit card. Paying the bills on time can then help both you and your business’ credit.

To find a good business credit card, apply online through Our card issuers offer a range of options to serve your needs. Whether you just need a business credit card for convenient payment of meals or you’re looking for a way to buy an item that’s worth a few thousand dollars, you can find a card to match. Applying is easy and stress free. Check out our lenders today and see all of the business credit cards they can provide for your company!

To apply for funding for your small business, use the form on the right to begin the application process.

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