Some Lesser Known SBA Programs


Today, we will be discussing some of the lesser-known SBA programs. The Small Business Administration is well known for its loan program. However, this is not the full scope of what they do: some of their programs are less publicized than others. Hopefully, by the end of today’s reading, you will have an understanding of the full scope of the SBA’s programs.

One such program is a government contracting assistance program. This program is designed to help private companies create and maintain government contracts to do work for the government. This includes such things as construction contracts, software programming contracts, etc. The SBA coordinates these contracts for many companies, especially those that are smaller, less represented companies in these markets.

Another service you might not know about is that the Small Business Administration advocates for your rights in the government. The SBA has a stronger pro-small business lobby that attempts to keep business and tax law favorable to smaller organizations. The goal of this is to help strengthen America by strengthening small business owners.

Finally, the SBA has a special task force to deal with issues of civil rights and equality. This task force will investigate any unfair lending practices based on race, gender, religion, etc. If you feel you are being discriminated against based on these criteria, you should contact your local office of the SBA for further assistance. They can provide legal assistance if you desire to pursue the matter in court, as well as checking for any violations of the public code.

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