Small Business Cash Advances in Today’s Economy

Business Cash Advances

In a sputtering economy, businesses are strapped for cash and many have expended all of their resources to survive a recession that left many business owners with less than perfect credit. Unfortunately, those who weathered financial turmoil may be left with few options for investing in their own businesses – whether that be paying for replacement equipment or covering an unexpected expense. Although lenders are not quick to offer business loans to businesses that are struggling, that doesn’t mean there are no other options for improving cash flow.

Small Business Cash Advance Loans

A small business cash advance loan is similar to a personal payday loan, in that money is available to business owners regardless of credit. No collateral is needed to secure the loan, and the cash is usually available very quickly. However, unlike a traditional business loan, small business cash advance loans are designed for short term use, as the interest rates on cash advance loans are much higher than with bank loans. Although business owners may opt to pay back a small business cash advance a little at a time, the loan becomes increasingly expensive as time passes.

To qualify for a small business cash advance, a business must be considered established an not in start-up mode. Additionally, cash advance applicants must provide proof of total gross monthly income in order to be approved. Small business cash advance loans are not recommended for businesses with good credit and access to traditional bank loans or lines of credit. However, for business owners with no other options for financing, small business cash advances are a quick solution to paying for emergency expenses on occasion.

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