Small Business Cash Advance Process

Business Cash Advance

If you run a small business there will be times when you need to acquire emergency funding. The fastest and easiest way to do this, although certainly not least expensive, is to get a small business cash advance. We will be discussing the process behind getting a business cash advance in today’s discussion.

Many traditional lenders will not offer loans of this type and you will have difficulty finding them through your local resources. Instead I recommend that you begin your search online to see what nontraditional lenders have to offer. As you sort through the various lenders I recommend that you research them through some type of third-party opinion site or through the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any outstanding complaints against them. If they have too many complaints there is a chance they are identical company work with and you should look elsewhere.

So once you have narrowed down the field to just a few of these companies you should begin using additional criteria to determine which one to work with. First you should ask what their interest rates are on their loans and what additional fees there are if any. Try to pick the best master you can that also has a relatively low interest rate. Keep in mind that rates for this loan type are always high so low will be somewhat relative in this case.

The next up in the process will depend somewhat on the lender but typically you must have at your disposal the necessary accounting documents to demonstrate the last six months of your revenue. The reason for this is that an average of the last six months will be used to determine how much money you will be allowed to borrow. Typically loans of this type will only allow you to borrow equivalent to one month revenue with the understanding that repayment will be due within 90 days.

So once you have the funding that you need there is one other thing to consider is the small business cash advance process. If you require funding again you should be able to do so even more quickly through the same lender through a process called recharging. By recharging your advance you can borrow the same amount under the same conditions as you did in the past assuming that you made your payments in full and on time the first time. This allows you even faster access to emergency funding if that becomes necessary.

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