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Small Business Administration

If you are starting up a new business, if your small business is ready to grow or expand, or if you want new global markets, be sure to see what the Small Business Administration (SBA) can offer you in the way of finding sources for loans and grants. The SBA can direct you to small business administration grants and SBA guaranteed loans that are available to entrepreneurs and owners of existing small businesses to help your company succeed.

The government sponsors the SBA and provides guaranteed backing for certain small business loans. These loans also feature very favorable low interest rates that are only offered to small businesses. The SBA website has a preview checklist to help small business owners with loan applications and to determine what type of financing would be best for their particular company. There is also a detailed listing of items and documents that will be required when you do apply for SBA guaranteed loans.

Being properly prepared when making loan or grant applications is the professional way to begin applications. It is important to have documents handy so you can complete all information that is required for obtaining SBA loans or to request a grant from lenders. Items that are requested for loans and grants include personal background information, personal and business financial statements, projections, ownership details, certificates or licenses for the business, tax returns, equipment or property lists, resumes and a company story.

The SBA does not provide direct loans or grants, but they have all the information you need to make applications to their many approved direct lenders who will work with companies that come to them through the SBA. District SBA offices are located in many areas throughout the country. The website contains extensive information about all SBA programs, loans and other services for small businesses.

Don’t let cash flow stop your small business plans for growth and expansion. Money is available at favorable interest rates for small businesses, women and minority owned businesses, veterans and other. Special loans are waiting for businesses that have been damaged in natural disasters. Act now to get your business up and running profitably. You can benefit from SBA help with loans, grants, training, counseling, mentoring and planning. Contact the SBA office or visit their website today.

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