Should You Get a Business Credit Card?

Business Credit Card

When asking the question of whether to get a business credit card, you should consider two things. First, are you doing well with your finances now, or do you have difficulty making payments? Second, is the card itself a good deal and a good fit? We’ll discuss this a bit, in today’s article.

You should do some serious self-assessment when considering whether to get a business credit card. For example, don’t disregard the interest rate on the card with the idea that you’ll pay off during the grace period, if you’ve never managed to do this before. It’s possible that you can pay off all your personal cards and lines of credit during the grace period, and your company makes a healthy solid income. That being the case, you can probably put interest lower on your list of priorities. The point is, make this decision based on a fair self-assessment of your needs and behaviors to act accordingly.

So, let’s say, for the sake of argument, you do decide to get a business credit card. What should you look for in a card? Well, since you aren’t planning on paying interest, your foremost concern should be with fees. After all, it is great to get $200 worth of rewards each year, but it is not really worth it if you pay $250 in fees.

The next thing you should concern yourself with is, in fact, the interest rate. Even the best-intentioned and disciplined individuals can become the victim of circumstances. Don’t let high-interest cards become part of your problem.

Last, and in fact least, you should consider rewards, such as cash back or free flights. These are great little perks that can add up a good deal over time. However, they really shouldn’t drive your purchases of business credit cards because they don’t really add to the bottom line.

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