SBA Tips on Naming Your Business


There’s a lot in a business name. The name may be the first contact people have with your business. If you choose a clear name, they will know what your business is about the second they hear the name. A name that doesn’t clearly define your business but still piques people’s interest will also draw the attention you want. The US Small Business Administration has come up with some useful tips for creating a name and identity for your business.

SBA Business Name Tips

The SBA has a few simple things to consider when you are thinking up a name for your business. It’s essential that you think of the way your business name is pronounced and how it looks when written out. You don’t want customers tripping over the name of your business as they try to say it. You also don’t want a name that is so long it doesn’t fit on a business card or sign. Keep in mind that spelling words a certain way or combining some words together can lead to embarrassment. You don’t want to accidently give your business a name that when printed, looks like a swear word or offensive phrase.

The SBA also recommends that you avoid giving your business a name that has any connection or association with another business. For example, if you are opening a hardware store, don’t give it a name like the “Home Depot Too,” as people may think you are connected to the chain hardware store. Avoid naming your business after a famous person if there is no other connection to that person.

Before finalizing a name, you may wish to check for duplicates. Some names are trademarked, meaning you cannot also use them. Using a trademarked name creates confusion and breaks the law. You can check for businesses that have the same name as yours by consulting a name database, usually available at your county clerk’s office. There are cases
where you can duplicate a name, as long as it is not trademark, is in a different industry and in a different region.

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