SBA Offers Tips on Emergency Preparedness


You can’t always see a major emergency coming. Sure, Hurricane Katrina was predicted a few days out, but no business owner saw 9/11 coming. The tornadoes that struck the Midwest or the wildfires in Colorado or Arizona came with no notice at all. With only minutes to act your entire business investment could depend on having an emergency preparedness plan.

Fortunately the Small Business Administration (SBA) knows that your own staff and capabilities may be lifted. It has already put together some of the things you need to consider. These go beyond the obvious issues of safety. Among the most important business resources all small businesses have now are the databases that not only track customers, but track your investments. You need off-site back-up of all data, and you need to know the capacities of both hardware and software for surviving a disaster.

You also need to test these systems and prepare contingencies for total loss. Should your systems get destroyed completely, you need to be up and running again before you actually get an insurance payment — and , yes, you need to make sure you are properly insured. This may even mean getting flood insurance when you are nowhere near a body of water. A serious plumbing freeze could flood you out enough to disqualify coverage without a specific flood policy. Make certain you know what your insurance covers, and get what you lack before a disaster happens.

The SBA can also help you prepare for less tangible disasters. As the last several years have shown, it does not require a hurricane to bring a catastrophic loss. Failure of credit flow that only affects other businesses can still reduce your business and make it harder to meet your bills. Following SBA advice can help you stay solvent enough to qualify for an unsecured business loan when you need to bridge a gap in revenue flow. If you need to know more about that, you can also look us up at We are here to help when you feel helpless.

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