SBA Offers Financing Options for Retirees and Seniors


Did you know that more than 15% of workers plan to start small businesses when they retire? If you have been thinking about starting your own small business in your later years, you may already know that. What you may not know is that the Small Business Administration has hundreds of excellent loan options designed specifically for retirees and seniors.

Not only can the SBA set you up with a small business loan, but they can also give you a lot of help on which business model to pick, and how to find a market niche that will set you up for success from the start. Once you have chosen a business, the SBA can continue to help you with developing a detailed plan of how much it will cost to start your business. The SBA website even has online tools that will help you create a startup costs analysis that is professional enough to show to a private investor or a bank, should you decide to shop around for the best rate on your loan.

After you have done your financial homework for your new business, the SBA can issue you a loan that is just the right size for your situation, with terms you know you can meet through the challenging early months of your startup. Entrepreneurship is risky, but if you make the most of the tools and loan opportunities on the SBA site, and on this site, you will have the facts to proceed with confidence. Knowing that you have solid information and enough money will allow you to focus on your business and your customers. The SBA and all of us here at UnsecuredBizLoan are standing by to help you get your business finances settled so you can go build a great business.

To apply for funding for your small business, use the form on the right to begin the application process.

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