SBA Now Offering Online Courses for Government Contracting


The Small Business Administration exists for the sole purpose of helping small business owners in the U.S. succeed by offering them the tools they need to run businesses effectively and profitably. Known in short as the SBA, the Small Business Administration recognizes that securing contracts makes up a large part of successful business operations.

In fact, some of the most successful small businesses have been those that have secured large contracts with major firms, larger businesses and even government organizations. That is why the SBA is now offering online courses for government contracting.

Why Government Contracting?

Contracting with government agencies is different than doing so with private companies. However, governments are known for honoring contracts and also entering into large contracts with the right businesses. The Small Business Administration – which itself is backed by the federal government – is offering online courses designed to teach starting and existing entrepreneurs and business owners the fundamentals of contracting with government agencies, as well as what to expect and the best ways to win a contract.

Taking the Online Government Contracting Courses

Even better, the courses offered by the SBA are completely free, meaning business owners pay absolutely nothing to learn how to get bigger, better accounts. The only requirement is a quick online registration, which consists of questions regarding the business owner’s name, ethnicity, gender, military status and whether he or she is physically disabled. Although the questions may seem personal, they are required because the Small Business Administration exists to be a proponent for minority business owners who may otherwise be at a disadvantage compared to other business owners.

After registering, small business owners gain immediate access to eight free courses that discuss how to pitch contracts and maintain them to keep government business flowing. There is even a free guide for women entrepreneurs who want more information about securing government contracts in a world where men have previously dominated in business.

To apply for funding for your small business, use the form on the right to begin the application process.

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