SBA Loans – The Different Types

SBA Loans

Many different types of SBA Loans are available online through UnsecuredBizLoan to help small businesses get off to a solid start towards successful operations. A business that is underfunded is often short-lived and destined to fail.

When you work with lenders associated with the Small Business Administration, you can be assured that they have designed programs carefully for new business owners. Many loans are government backed and have special low interest rates only available through these approved SBA lenders.

An SBA Loan can be used for most start-up needs, such as purchasing inventory, building facilities, equipment purchase or modernization and other projects. The SBA offers many programs in addition to loan, such as grants, bonds, research grants and venture capital. Their loan programs are very popular with small business owners who want to grow their businesses. Loans also are available to help with recovery if your small business has been damaged by a disaster.

Here are some SBA Loans programs you may wish to investigate or to apply for at our website,

1. 7(a) Loan Program – many options are offered with these special purpose loans that are used to support business growth in areas like rural businesses, expansion of existing businesses, businesses that otherwise would have difficulty obtaining financial assistance, export development or businesses that have been adversely affect by NAFTA. There are 7(a) loan programs as well to benefit special borrowers including military personnel.

2. Microloan Program – These average $13,000 up to $50,000, and they are available for special needs including working capital, inventory, supplies, furniture, fixtures, machinery and equipment purchases. This program includes mandatory training and technical assistance to benefit borrowers.

3. CDC/504 Loan Program – Special low fixed rate interest rates on long term financing is available to qualified borrowers in this program. Borrowers work with Certified Development Companies that are partners with the SBA to provide funding for 504 loans. The focus and objective here is to benefit the small business and their local community. Borrowers are required to come up with 10% to 20% of the loan amount; loan maximum size is $5 million, with loan amounts tied to job creation.

Apply online for fast approvals at today, and get your business up and running smoothly, profitably and successfully quickly. We are ready to serve you, 24/7.

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