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Small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to obtain SBA Loans or Grants can use the online search tool at the Small Business Administration website to pinpoint areas to begin their quest for financing. This is an easy-to-use free search tool that immediately brings the user information and links to loan programs or grant offerings that are appropriate to their stated objectives.

An SBA Loan is advantageous to small business owners, especially those who may be unable to obtain financing through routine channels. Many loans are government guaranteed and have low interest rates and long term payback periods.

There are a few restrictions for how the funds may be used, but these loans and grants can supply the financial boost needed for many small businesses and contractors. Many SBA Loans are tailored for specific businesses, such as minority, women-owned, military-owned businesses and nonprofit organizations. These are the types of businesses with owners that frequently encounter problems obtaining financing for their businesses.

Funding amounts vary from low amounts for microloans to major funding for expansion and building projects. Amounts run from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars, all with low interest rates and favorable payback terms. Owners can get started right here on our UnsecuredBizLoan website by accessing the SBA loans and grants search tool and making applications online.

The search tool asks questions about your business, such as whether you are in the military or are a minority business owner, if you are disabled, in a rural community, recovering from a disaster, if the business is new, expanding or going global, and the state where the business is located. Based upon your answers, the search tool then gives you information and links that should be applicable to your needs.

Successful business growth and expansion is just a mouse click away at our website. Using the search tool to find an SBA Loan or grant opportunity is the first step to take when you are ready to grow your business or need financial help for your small business. Access all information on our website to get started today.

To apply for funding for your small business, use the form on the right to begin the application process.

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