SBA Loans: 7(a) Loan Program Explained

SBA Loans

Small Business Administration (SBA) loans have been helping small businesses start up and/or grow for 50 years. The 7(a) program is the primary SBA loan option for small businesses. The SBA 7(a) program annually guarantees millions of dollars in loans made by participating lenders.

UnsecuredBizLoan can help you get the SBA loan you want per the 7 (a) guidelines. Eligibility for SBA loans requires businesses to meet certain criteria. SBA criteria includes that companies be for-profit, be ineligible for traditional bank business loans, have the ability to repay an SBA loan from projected cash flow, have owners of good character with sufficient management expertise to achieve business success, and an up-to-date feasible business plan.

The inability of a small business to obtain a loan from a conventional bank is a key requirement. An SBA loan under the 7 (a) program offers the guarantees bank lenders need to approve small business financing. Since the SBA may guarantee up to 90 percent of the financing, the lender greatly reduces their risk. Understand, however, that the decision to make the loan still rests in the hands of the lender. The SBA cannot force or order the bank to make the loan.

When a small business applies for a loan with a participating bank, the business must satisfy the lender’s criteria to get approval. Unfortunately, many small businesses fall short of the bank’s requirements. However, if the business and its owner are otherwise potentially good risks, 7 (a) SBA loans are the perfect solution.

UnsecuredBizLoan can match you with sources of 7 (a) SBA loans, with reasonable rates and terms, to help you get the money you need. SBA loans exist to help small businesses start, grow and prosper. Along with their microloan program (for businesses needing small loans), the 7 (a) program is the most popular SBA loan product.

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