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SBA’s HUBZone program is designed to energize economic development of Historically Underutilized Business Zones. Established small businesses are able to get preferential treatment in obtaining Federal procurement business opportunities. These preferences go to small businesses that have HUBZone certification. together with the SBA HubZone Program can give you 100 percent of the financial support you need to operate a HUBZone certified business. Here are HubZone application requirements:

Applications for HubZone will only be accepted from qualified applicants. HUBZone Primer is SBA’s guide to qualification. The qualification criteria are:

1. The business must follow SBA small business standards.

2. The majority of the business must be owned by a US citizen, agricultural cooperative, a community development corporation or a Native American tribe.

3. The office must be located in a “Historically Underutilized Business Zone”.

4. Thirty five percent or more of the employees must be residents of a HUBZone.

You can look at the SBA HUBZone map to see if your location is eligible for certification. If you are not located in an eligible location, you are allowed to move your business to an eligible location and then apply for certification.

Using the HUBZone Certification Online Application to fill out your electronic application. Make sure you complete the entire application in one sitting or you might lose your data. You must meet certain requirements in order to login.

1. You must have a current Dun and Bradstreet profile and a DUNS number for the business for which you are seeking HUBZone certification or recertification.

2. A NAICS (North American Industry Classisfication System size classification as a small business is also required.

3. You must complete your registration in the Global Login System (GLS).

4. You must provide the DUNS and EIN numbers associating them with each individual authorized to use this system.

The Hubzone Council has many success stories about how companies who have applied to HUBZone have revitalized failing enterprises through this program. Many individuals living in disadvantaged areas are being helped by this program as well. New jobs are being created and failing local economies are being revived.

To apply for funding for your small business, use the form on the right to begin the application process.

For more information, go to SBA at

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