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Contractors can obtain assistance from the Small Business Administration (SBA) for many purposes, from starting up a new business to expanding an existing one. The SBA can provide assistance and information about naming your company, getting a DBA for your business, obtaining business licenses and permits, mentoring and many other services.

Obtaining government contracts is of interest to many contractors, and the SBA is ready to offer free information and assistance to those contractors. The SBA exists to help all small businesses, including contractors.

Government contracts can be reliable and lucrative; there are many available across the country. All the contractor needs to do to get started is to visit their local SBA district office or seek information at the website. In addition to information about government contracts, the SBA can advise contractors in all phases of business operations, from beginning business planning to global marketing and expansion.

Small business contractors may be aware that the federal government must offer contract opportunities amounting to billions of dollars for goods and services provided to them by small business operations. The first step to make to tap into this wealthy segment of business opportunity is to register and get certified for government contracting. This can be done through the Small Business Administration.

There are SBA district offices located across the country, and the website is another handy reference website maintained for the benefit of small businesses of all types. The first step for contractors would be to get their own Dun & Bradstreet (D-U-N-S) Number. This is a free service for businesses that must be registered in order to apply for government grants or contracts.

The Small Business Administration can also help with business registration for those contractors who wish to become vendors. Help is available to small business contractors for all aspects of registration, so they can be added to the search engine that provides vendor information and rating information. Contractors may also be interested in the SBA mentor programs and other general business programs. Contact your local SBA office to find this valuable help for your contractor business.

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