SBA Help for Contractors (Part 3)


The Small Business Administration offers help to small contracting businesses so that they may increase their revenue and solidify a client base. One of the best services the SBA provides is assistance in obtaining government contracts. Winning contracts with local, state or federal governments is a matchless opportunity for your company.

The United States Federal Government is the largest purchaser of services and goods in the world. Obtaining government contracts provides many small businesses with growth that is both sustainable and reliable.
Many governments require a certain percentage of their contracts to be assigned to small businesses. However, in order to bid on these government contracts, you must register your contracting business with the government.

To register as a federal contractor, you must first obtain a Dun and Bradstreet number, which is an I.D. number for your business. Next, you must register your company with the Central Contractor Registration, which is the database containing information about vendors involved in business transactions with the federal government. Third, you must register your business in the Online Representations and Certifications Application, which will verify the information you have provided concerning your business. Finally, you must find the NAICS code that applies to your company and obtain a past performance rating from the United States General Services Administration.

The SBA also provides other services to help small contracting businesses. With SBA certification and audience programs, your business may qualify for special assistance based on several characteristics. For example, the SBA offers special programs for businesses owned by women, Native Americans, veterans, Alaskans and native Hawaiians. In addition, the SBA provides supportive services to small businesses that are awarded government contracts in order to ensure that they meet all of the requirements of the job.

The aforementioned services are just a few of the programs the SBA has developed to help small contracting businesses. By working with the SBA, you can make sure that your business has the resources it needs to gain a firm footing in the world of contracting. To learn more about the Small Business Administration services available for your contracting business, visit the SBA’s official website at

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