Obtaining Business Lines of Credit (Part 2)

Business Line of Credit

If you have a small business, sometimes finding funding can be difficult. In order to have enough working capital for your daily operations, it can be a big help to use business lines of credit. Unlike a standard loan, a credit line is more of an available amount than a borrowed amount. What this means is, once you are approved, you can access the available credit (referred to as a draw) at any time during the draw period. Read more about Business Lines of Credit below.

The current amount to which you have access is always the difference between the amount you currently owe and the total amount you are allowed to borrow. So, if you have been approved for an advance of $50,000, and you currently owe $37,000 for an amount already drawn (plus interest), you would have approximately $13,000 available. However, you wouldn’t actually want to borrow that much. This is because you’d run the risk of interest putting you over your available balance, which can incur overage fees.

So, how do you get business lines of credit? There are several types of institutions that provide these. However, obtaining them from a major bank is probably the best way. They will have the lowest interest rates and best terms, in general.

If you are having trouble qualifying with a traditional bank, you can try a nontraditional lender. However, they tend to have much higher interest rates. If you do decide to go this route, make sure you read the agreement carefully. Also, try to maintain a zero balance whenever possible to avoid paying interest unnecessarily.

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