How to Prepare Your SBA Loan Application

SBA Loan

Applying for an SBA loan can be a daunting experience. Luckily, when an individual starts their SBA loan process with an online application at, they will be easily led through the entire process. At UnsecuredBizLoan, we give the applicant all of the information that they need to make their application successful, we direct the applicant to the right lender for their needs, and if the applicant is not approved for an SBA loan, we help them to find other financial products that met their needs.

There are a few different types of SBA loans, and the information that you need to provide with your application will vary depending upon which type of loan you end up applying for. However, in general, you will need to provide a great deal of information on your personal background and your finances. You will need to submit copies of SBA Form 912 and SBA Form 413. Respectively, these forms regard your personal history and your personal financial statement.

Of course, because the loan is for your business, you will also have to submit information on your business’s finances. This includes profit and loss statements for the current time period as well as ones from the last three years. It also includes a projection about your finances for the upcoming years along with written explanations about how you plan to reach these financial goals.

During the final steps of your SBA loan application process, you will have to submit information about your business’s owners and affiliates, proof of your certificate and license, a copy of your lease, a history a previous loan applications, and copies of the last three years worth of state and federal tax returns. You will also need to submit an overview of your business’s goals and how the SBA loan can help you to achieve these goals. If you are applying for an SBA loan to buy an existing business, you will have to submit similar but slightly different information.

To apply for funding for your small business, use the form on the right to begin the application process.

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