How to Open a Business Line of Credit

Business Line of Credit

As a business owner, you likely recognize that staying ahead of the curve means bigger profits for you. Although you could wait until you have enough cash to pay for major expenses outright, waiting to do so could put a damper on your ability to provide the best experience for your customers. By opening a business line of credit, you gain immediate access to the capital you need to make major investments in your business.

Opening a Business Line of Credit

The first step to opening a business line of credit is choosing a lender you want to work with. Many business owners opt for local banks that they already have a relationship with, although you may decide to go through a national bank or small business lender. However, if you apply through the bank you already have a business checking or savings account with, you may be more likely to get a higher credit line or a lower interest rate based on your history of deposits and expenditures.

When you apply for your credit line, come prepared in the same way you would if you were applying for a small business loan. Lenders and banks want to know the current state of your business, its financial affairs and future plans for expansion. You may also be asked about your personal finances and your intentions for the money.

Helpful Tips

If your bank denies you a line of credit, do not give up. The Small Business Administration teams up with other lenders to provide federally-back business lines of credit for small business owners who are otherwise ineligible. Contact the SBA for more information about how to qualify and which lenders in your area offer SBA lines of credit.

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