How to Get a Small Business Loan

Small Business Loans

Small businesses are constantly in need of funding to grow and develop, particularly during the first few years when the company is getting established and building up their client base. Before going to apply for a small business loan, it is important to know what is needed and the basics of the process to ensure a higher chance of success.

The first step required to apply for a small business loan is putting together the appropriate documentation. Depending on the lender and the age of the company, the documentation might vary slightly.

Most lenders will need proof that the business is established, appropriate licensing paperwork if the company needs a license in the state, a credit check of both the company and the business owner, tax returns of the previous year or two, a business plan and projected estimates of profitability. Some lenders might require further documentation, depending on their methods and the type of small business loans offered by the company.

In many cases, proof that the company has been established at least two years prior to the loan is also a necessity. Unless seeking a start-up loan, most small business loans are only available after the company has been established and is able to show some profits.

Another option when planning to apply for a small business loan is seeking a quick loan. Quick business loans are often unsecured debts that are made available to a more diverse pool of companies. Quick business loans are often a higher interest rate, but they also require less documentation and provide loans to newer companies that might only have one year of data available.

The quick loans are ideal when other options have been denied. It is best avoided until after exhausting lower interest loans because it will cost more for the company even with a flexible payment plan.

Applying for a small business loan is not complicated. It simply requires bringing the appropriate paperwork, filling out the forms and showing the data requested to the lender. While the loans are not always approved, alternatives are available if the first traditional loan is not provided.

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