How to Get a Small Business Loan

Small Business Loan

If you are having a great deal of difficulty with getting a small business loan, there is little solace in that you are not alone. However, it has not gone unnoticed that so many new companies and entrepreneurs are unable to turn their ideas into reality for lack of funding. We will be discussing the major players in small business loan funding, in today’s article.

Even with greater restrictions, the largest players in the small business loan sector are still banks. If you have a very well qualified business, you should have no trouble getting funding. But what constitutes as “very well qualified?” For one, you have to have excellent personal and business credit. Not just your score is considered, either.

A loan officer will look at the actual report to get a clear picture of the types of payments you miss, if any. Even a couple missed payments may disqualify you from funding. You’ll also need to show evidence of a strong personal and business income by providing all of the usual surrounding paperwork.

The second biggest group of players includes nontraditional niche lenders. These lending and investment firms have been increasing in number quite a bit in recent years to help fill the gap between traditional banks and those who can’t get funding from them.

Nontraditional banks use a set of criteria that differs quite a big from those of traditional banks, and they are much closer to the system that venture capitalists use. They may be the only viable option for many new companies. However, this availability comes at a cost. Their cost is that they have higher than average interest, much higher.

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