How to Find the Perfect Business Credit Card

Business Credit Card

Finding the best business credit card is a lot like choosing the best personal card. You want a card that offers the best rates, lowest fees and excellent customer service. Since business credit cards are typically used by more than one person, the best cards will allow you to customize the card for each person.

Rates and Fees

As with consumer credit cards, business credit cards charge interest on amounts owed. Some cards charge an annual fee. Before you choose a card, do your research and make a list of cards that charge annual fees and cards that do not. Some cards will give you a year without a fee, then begin charging an annual fee the next year, so be sure to read the fine print.

Choose a card with as low an interest rate as possible. Keep in mind that the rates on business credit cards can increase without warning. Additionally, some interest rates are introductory rates only and will increase after a short period of time.

Look for a Card that Recognizes Your Business

A business credit card should have perks specific to business. For example, if your account is used by multiple employees, you should be able to individualize each person’s card. You should be able to set the limit for each person’s card quickly and easily.

Additionally, when you apply for the card, the company should look into your business’ financials, as the business is the one responsible for the card. In some cases, the business owner is responsible for guaranteeing the card in case the business closes.


Rewards are a great bonus when using credit cards. Ideally, a business card will offer rewards that benefit your business or will allow you to earn rewards on business-related expenses. Some cards offer extra rewards, such as 3 or 5 percent back on office supplies or business related purchases. With the perfect card, you’ll be able to redeem the rewards for items relevant to your business, such as travel or supplies.

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