How to Choose the Best Business Credit Card

Business Credit Card

Choosing a business credit card is not a matter of simply searching for the best interest rate. Unlike personal cards, business credit cards often represent the infrastructure of your business finances, allowing you to track every expense from a single account. When choosing the card that is right for your business, pay attention to both the terms and rewards for each account.

Business Credit Card Rewards

Credit card companies know what large and small businesses need, and they often offer significant discounts and freebies to business account holders via the relationships that credit card companies have set up with other businesses. For example, if you are opening a new business account to simply manage your employees’ gas expenses, consider getting a gas credit card that offers you cash back or a discount at the pump. Even if the interest rate is higher than you can find with another credit card, the gas rewards alone may offset the difference – especially if you pay off the account each cycle.

Business Credit Card Terms

The type of credit card terms that matter to you depend on whether or not you will be carrying a revolving balance on your account each month. For example, if the credit card account you are opening is not for expense management, but rather to make occasional large purchases and pay them off over time, you will want to look for a credit card with a low interest rate. Furthermore, if you are looking to make some large purchases in the first few months of opening the account, look for a card that offers an attractive introductory APR.

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