Getting a Small Business Loan

Small Business Loans

If you are worried about getting a small business loan for your company, you are not alone. Lending rates have plummeted in recent years, so it is harder than ever to borrow. However, if you are a well-qualified business, you should have no trouble borrowing, even in this economy. This is especially true with a good personal and business credit score, and with your other financials doing well. So, what are the best ways to go about finding lenders? We’ll discuss that a bit, in today’s article.

First of all, you will likely need to try several different banks to find a good fit. You may find many banks that aren’t willing to loan to you, or you may receive offers that you find to be less than attractive. The important thing is to be patient and persistent in your search. Don’t give up after the first few banks. You should get a good list of 10 to 15 banks. Earnestly try to apply to all of them, one at a time. It’s likely you’ll find one with a deal you can live with.

So how much can you borrow? This depends on the current state of your company. If you are currently profitable, that will speak louder than any business plan or projected earnings report. You should be able to borrow quite a bit under those circumstances. If you are not currently profitable, you’ll need to demonstrate how you plan on becoming profitable in the immediate future. You can do this through your business plan and other supporting documents. If you are looking for a small business loan, long-term plans typically won’t cut it.

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