Getting a Business Line of Credit Online

Business Line of Credit

Small businesses often require the use of a revolving line of credit to help obtain the funds necessary for purchases and small payment needs. A business line of credit is provided by a lender like a bank and is similar in use to a credit card.

The line of credit allows the company to access funds, repay them and then use the same funds again. A wide range of options are available, but those looking for convenience can apply for a business line of credit online rather than directly through the lender’s office.

Meeting Eligibility Requirements:

A business line of credit online is similar to any other line of credit. It requires meeting the specific eligibility requirements before submitting the application form via the online website.

Each lender sets specific standards before they allow a business line of credit. In many cases, they will have a minimum amount of time since the company was established and a certain profit level before funds are available. In many cases, the lenders will want at least one or two years since the company was established to show business profitability and get past the initial start up phase. The amount of profits brought in by the company are primarily used to determine how high a line of credit to provide.

Other specific requirements can vary by lender. Though the line of credit will not need collateral, some business owners might need to allow a personal credit history check.

Application and Approval:

The next step after ensuring the eligibility requirements are met is applying for the online revolving loan. The application process when working with a business line of credit online is simple: fill out the online form according to the requested details and submit it after it is completed. The information required will include how much the company makes per annum, the length of time since it was established and identification details.

After all the required information is provided and submitted, the lender will consider the application. Some online lenders might ask for faxed in proof while others will not need faxed documentation, depending on specific policies. Upon approval for the line of credit, the lender will send a contract showing the details of the revolving loan and how business owners can access the funds as needed for short term expenses.

To apply for small business funding, fill in the application form on the right.

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