Five Things to Use a Business Cash Advance For

Business Cash Advance

Business cash advances can come in handy when you need quick access to cash to keep the money in your business flowing. Business owners like business cash advances because they are easy to come by, require no business credit history checks, and do not require lengthy applications process. In fact, unlike traditional lenders, business cash advance lenders do not even want to know what the money will be used for – only that you will be able to repay the debt when the time comes. There are several situations that business cash advances can be useful.

1.Equipment Repairs – Business equipment is a vital part of running many small businesses. Without working equipment, you cannot fulfill customer orders or may be delayed in doing so. This can affect business income, making it increasingly difficult to get broken equipment repaired or even meet payroll. By using a business cash advance, you can make the necessary repairs immediately without impairing your income. Then, you can repay the cash when it becomes available.

2.Taxes – Maybe it is time to make your quarterly estimated tax payments, or perhaps you are about to file your annual federal return. If your accountant didn’t keep the books perfectly, you may be in for an unexpected tax bill. Cash advances can help you pay Uncle Sam without worrying about account levies and hefty penalties.

3.Payroll – You have to pay your employee for their time – even if you do not have the money to do so. Unless you want a bunch of angry employees reporting you for unpaid wages, you may want to consider a business cash advance to help you meet payroll, so long as the lack of ability to pay your employees is only temporary.

4.Bonuses – Although you may not be required to pay your employees bonuses, from time to time, doing so can boost morale and loyalty to your business. Christmas time is an especially important time for giving bonuses, but you may not have the cash to do so because your clients are waiting until after the first of the year to pay invoices. By getting a business cash advance, you can give your employees a Christmas bonus on time, regardless of whether your clients have paid you or not.

5.Conferences – Perhaps you just found out about an important conference in your industry that just so happens to be in a neighboring state. Maybe you think you and your employees could benefit from attending, but do not have the cash budgeted to do so. By taking a business cash advance loan, you get quick access to the money to fund a conference, which you can repay when you return.

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