Five More Things to Use a Business Cash Advance For

Business Cash Advance

Business cash advances can come in handy when you need quick access to cash to keep the money in your business flowing. Business owners like business cash advances because they are easy to come by, require no business credit history checks, and do not require lengthy applications process. In fact, unlike traditional lenders, business cash advance lenders do not even want to know what the money will be used for – only that you will be able to repay the debt when the time comes. There are several situations that business cash advances can be useful.

1.Avoiding Bank Loans – If you only need cash for your business to last you a very short while, the idea of going to the bank to apply and wait for a loan approval may not sound appealing. Business cash advances are quick and easy, and do not require as much effort.

2.Poor Credit – Perhaps your credit rating is not quite what you want it to be. You know you are good for repaying the money you borrow, but on paper, you may not look like an ideal borrower. Business cash advance loan approvals are not based on prior credit histories, meaning you can qualify so long as your business is established, accepts major credit cards and has a positive cash flow.

3.Business Car Expenses – Maintaining a business vehicle is just as important as maintaining a personal vehicle. If the time has come for tune-ups, oil changes, inspections and registrations for your fleet of company cars, the costs can add up to thousands of dollars. By taking a business cash advance loan, you can spread out the expense without taking such a huge financial undertaking at once.

4.Legal Fees – If an unhappy customer or disgruntled employee has pending litigation against you, you need to get a lawyer quickly. Although your business insurance may cover legal defense fees, a business cash advance can tide you over until you get reimbursed.

5.Small Purchases – Any small purchase that is too much to pay out of pocket at once, but easily paid for within a short period of time qualifies as a good use for a small business cash advance. Whether you need to purchase new uniforms for your employees or want a new office computer – if you can reasonably purchase the item in just a few weeks, business cash advances can keep you from having to wait for them.

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