Fast Approval for Small Business Loans

Small Business Loans

Whether you are looking to expand an existing small business or start a new small business, you can obtain the necessary funds to do so with a small business loan. This type of loan is similar to a personal consumer loan except that it is targeted for businesses. Small business loans can be either secured, which requires collateral to secure the loan, or unsecured, which does not require any type of collateral.

Since the presence of collateral reduces the risk for the lender, interest rates are usually lower on secured small business loans than on the unsecured loans. As a result, it can save your business some money if you can obtain the secured loan over the unsecured.

When you are ready to get your financing for the business, you do not need to visit all of the local banks in your area and submit separate applications. Instead, you can visit our website to complete our online free application for small business loans.

The application is short, at just two pages, and requires information about your business and yourself. We currently offer small business loans starting at $50,000. The approval process is quick, which means that you can have the loan funds in your business account ready to be used within a few days of applying for a loan.

In order to qualify for a small business loan, you must complete the online application and request a loan that at least meets the mentioned minimum loan amount. You must also have a credit report free of blemishes with a 680 minimum credit score. If you meet those requirements, then you could have a new small business loan through by the end of the week.

To apply for funding for your small business, use the form on the right to begin the application process.

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