Emergency Company Funds Available with a Business Cash Advance

Business Cash Advance

No one wants to face a cash flow emergency in a business, but the reality is that many businesses face some type of financial emergency at some point in time. Often the emergencies are not the result of poor planning or faulty saving techniques, but instead the result of a sudden, unexpected expense that the regular budget and backup funding cannot reasonably pay for. During those situations, a business cash advance can offer valuable help.
What is a Business Cash Advance?

Business cash advances are expedited loans that offer funding in just a few business days. Often, traditional lenders will not lend you money if you are perceived to be experiencing a financial emergency, and even if you could get a traditional business loan, the repayment terms are likely to be long term and it would likely take several weeks to get approved. Business cash advances, on the other hand, are lent with full intention of being a short-term solution.

When you apply for a business cash advance, you do not have to meet stringent credit requirements, and you do not have to explain your situation. Business cash advance lenders do not care whether you need the money for an emergency or to make a purchase. All that matters is that your business has been established for at least two years and that you have incoming payments visible through your monthly credit card transactions.

There are several types of business emergencies that could call for a business cash advance, including late customer payments, an unexpected tax bill or a sudden breakdown of business equipment or vehicles. Regardless of the circumstances, the cash is yours to use when you want and how you want.

To apply for funding for your small business, use the form on the right to begin the application process.

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