Denied for a Business Loan? What to do Next

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After a business loan application is denied, it might seem disappointing or even discouraging. Financing is an important aspect of helping a company grow. Today we will offer you suggestions to the next steps you can take. After all, having been denied once, is not the end of the road.

Asking Questions:
Immediately after the denial, it is always a good idea to ask the bank representative why the loan was denied. Understanding the reason for denial, such as a poor credit rating, changes to bank policies or even just asking for more funds than the bank determines the company can pay, helps in the next loan application.

Unsecured Loans:
Unsecured business loans are an option when traditional loans deny an application. The unsecured business loans do not require any assets to obtain funds like traditional loans and sometimes will even forgo the credit check while still providing funding.

Business owners should keep in mind that unsecured business loans have a higher than average interest rate, so it is best used only after a loan is denied and it is clear that other lenders are unlikely to provide funding as well. This is particularly true for newer companies that do not yet have enough credit established to obtain traditional loan amounts.

Government Loans:
Government business loans are another option available to small business owners who are seeking funding. The government business loans offer specific guarantees and help programs to provide funding at reasonably low interest rates, making them similar to loans from a bank or other lender.

In general, government loans will have limitations on the amount a company can take out. This means that the amount of funding might be lower than the company needs, making it a requirement to seek further assistance and loans from other lenders to cover the full cost of the loans.

A business loan denial is not the end of the search for funding. It simply means seeking out non-traditional lenders who are willing to provide the cash instead. Having a backup plan in place before the loan is denied is the best way to eliminate worries and ensure money is available.

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