Criteria for Choosing Your Business Credit Card

Business Credit Card

If you are looking to get a business credit card, it is important for you to understand the criteria involved when trying to select a business credit card. In general, you’ll want to concern yourself with annual fees, interest, and rewards, in that order. We’ll discuss this in greater detail, in today’s article.

The reason annual fees top the list is simple. Although you can avoid interest entirely with timely payments within the grace period, you can’t avoid the annual fee at all. If you are planning on paying off your balance in full each month (as you should be), then fees should definitely top your list. As always, you should hope for the best—and plan for the worst.

You may have walked into your business credit card agreement with the intention of never paying any interest, and always paying off your balance in full each month. However, what if things don’t work out as you’d like? Well, then it is important to have as low an interest rate as possible. This should be the second most important thing for you to consider.

Finally, when trying to choose a business credit card, you should also consider rewards. There are many different varieties of rewards including catalogue items, cash back, and flyer miles. I personally recommend you stick with cash back rewards. I recommend cash back because it is simple, automatic, and you won’t need to decide what you’re going to do with a Bose Speaker System or cordless drill.

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