Choosing a Business Credit Card

Business Credit Card

Suppose you have great credit, and you are looking to get the best business credit card possible. If this is the case, you should use today’s article as a basic guide to get started. Remember, you don’t have to own a business to get a business credit card. Simply input your social security number for your Tax ID, and put your first and last name as your DBA (doing business as).

There are two schools of thought to picking a top-quality business credit card. On the one hand, you can prioritize on having unlimited funds available on-demand. Get a no limit charge card. Remember, you are not allowed to hold a balance on these cards. These can also have some great rewards and perks on them, just like other cards.

The other option is to get a high-limit credit card that you can hold a monthly balance on. You shouldn’t plan on carrying a balance. However, for some types of businesses, it makes more sense to have balances for more than a single month. Also, these cards can have great rewards on them.

No matter which type you select, when it comes to a top quality business credit card, the annual fee is the most important factor. The reason for this is that you won’t be paying much money in interest, as it is. Therefore, the fee is the only money you’ll definitely pay each year.

If your card has a steep fee, make sure the benefit you are getting outweighs the fee. This will depend on how you use your card, so make sure to get one that fits the spending patterns of your company.

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