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There are many financial instruments available to businesses. The business cash advance provides a quick burst of money and business credit cards are great for making purchasing convenient. For large or long-term purchases, however, nothing beats a standard business loan.

A typical business loan offers a company the ability to pay for high-cost items ranging from a large inventory to a full factory. The terms allow for lower interest as well as longer repayment times. This makes it the best choice for those with long-term borrowing needs.

Since the amounts borrowed with a business loan are typically higher than those involved in other corporate lending options, the requirements for obtaining them are typically stricter. The business will need to show a good credit history and a detailed financial plan. Bankers and other lenders will be very leery if you don’t have an exact plan for what to do with the money.

One reason lenders want to see a plan for the money is that it’s easy to spend a large amount of cash frivolously. To repay the loan, the business will need to use it to invest in things that will maintain or increase its profitability. Otherwise, the company will end up with nothing to show for the loan but a big bill.

If you have a plan and a good credit rating, getting a standard business loan can allow you to expand your company far beyond its current level. Usually, a company’s credit rating is used to calculate the risk for a business loan. If your company is new or has poor credit, you may decide to use your personal credit to back the loan. This will put your assets at risk, but if you pay the loan back on time, you can improve both your and your company’s credit for the future.

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