Business Line of Credit: Obtain One before You Need One

Business Line of Credit

Few people ever think about credit until they need it. Unfortunately for many, waiting until there is a need to apply for credit could result in unfavorable terms or an inability to get credit altogether. If you have a business, it is imperative that you get a business line of credit as soon as possible instead to ensure you have access to the funds you need, when you need them.

What is a Business Line of Credit?

Unlike a loan, a business line of credit is similar to a credit card in that it offers you immediate access to the funds you need at any time you choose to use them. There are no repayment terms to abide by and no lengthy application process to complete when you need the cash. Instead, you use the credit and repay it as you see fit, so long as you at least make the minimum monthly payments.

The Dangers of Waiting to Apply

If you wait until you need the credit to apply for it, lenders may become suspicious of your sudden need for money. Lenders like to award credit lines to established businesses that they believe will use the money responsibly and only as needed. If lenders suspect that you need to use all of your credit line at once, they may be reluctant to offer a line of credit and instead may require you to apply for a traditional business loan – for which you must provide detailed information about how you plan to use the money and how you plan to pay it back. If you appear too desperate for the cash, you may get the money at unfavorable terms or else be denied altogether.

Avoid the hassle and apply for your business line of credit as soon as you can qualify. Ideally, you’ll never experience a significant cash flow problem that will require you to use the credit line, but in case you do, you can rest easy knowing that the money will be available to you without question.

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