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Business Line of Credit

The problem that most plagues small businesses is cash flow. Big banks approve less than 12 percent of loans requested by small businesses. Small banks approve fewer than half. This can leave even the entrepreneur who shows a profit on paper with a serious money crunch. When it comes to meeting the cyclical needs of an enterprise, our business line of credit can solve the problem and help you keep the place up and running until the revenue comes in.

The business line of credit works differently from the way other loans work. The lender designates a certain amount of money that the business can borrow for cyclical needs, such as improving inventory or meeting payroll while waiting for those profits to show up. Interest and principal are paid only on the amount of money outstanding, keeping the rest of the line of credit in reserve.

Business lines of credit are not for everyone. It is best not to depend on credit for regular operating expenses, or to borrow more money for a failing business. Even if this is your dream child, a business that can’t turn a profit can’t survive. One that does show a healthy income a few weeks or months down the road but a shortage of cash right now is perfect for a business line of credit.

Wise use of the business line of credit and prompt repayment will help the entrepreneur manage those dry spells that come along in most businesses. The credit is also useful when expansion opportunities arise but cash is short. Just fill out the quick and easy application form on the right to secure your line of credit. It will keep your cash flow positive during those cyclical times of high expenses and lower revenues.

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