Business Credit Card Options

Business Credit Card

When choosing a business credit card, you will want to consider many of the same options as you would for a personal card. It depends on whether we are talking about a card you use yourself or one you give to employees. If you are giving one to employees, you’ll care more about tracking and reporting than you would for yourself. This is because you’ll want to make sure the cards aren’t being used inappropriately. We’ll discuss some of the other options you’ll want to factor, in today’s discussion.

One option that many people go with, when choosing a business credit card, is the charge card. These cannot carry monthly balances; there are no minimum monthly payments, and no interest to speak of. Approval can be difficult, but they are well worth it for qualified borrowers.

Although they typically have annual service fees, many come with perks like cash back. There are also certain specialty cards that give extra cash back for certain activities, so make sure to discuss this a bit in detail with the customer service representative. Although most have monthly spending limits, some of the higher end cards have soft limits. This means your spending will be called into question without it being curtailed. Some don’t even have that.

Another popular option is to get some type of standard business credit card with rewards. You’ll want to pay attention to fees and interest, first and foremost. However, if you are getting the best rates you can, it never hurts to get some bonuses. Depending on the nature of the deal, and how you conduct yourself as a businessperson, you’ll likely want to get cash back or frequent flyer miles, in most cases.

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